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Thomas Winterton is the superintendent of the ranch, and he oversees all the maintenance and work on the ranch.


Thomas Winterton is the Manager of Skinwalker Ranch, overseeing the maintenance of the property, its facilities and equipment, as well as overseeing ranching activities and assisting in investigations. A native of the Uintah Basin, Thomas is the founder and operator of multiple businesses. His unique background and experience give him in-depth insight into the UFO phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch and the surrounding area – especially his incredible experiences that have taken place there.

1st Injury[]

When he first joined the team in 2014, he did not believe in the paranormal. However, this changed when he ignored the other member's warnings and started digging near Homestead 2. He got a terrible headache and had to go to the doctor. After some tests, it was concluded that he had an unexplained bump on his head, caused by the skin peeling from his scalp. The doctors had to undergo an important task to pierce it and get the fluid out. He has not been the same since.

2nd Injury[]

During the first season (Episode 4) He suffered a more minor but similar injury that also sent him to the hospital. He was extra careful in Episode 6, as he left the site of digging.

3rd Injury[]

During the second season, Tom was digging with an excavator and he heard a voice telling him to go home. He went home, and woke up the next morning needing to be hospitalized.